We have no agreement with any agency for the sale of our power plants.

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Our Business


Engineering, Procurement, Construction

First Class components, hight quality workmanship

Halk Enerji is a qualified EPC company building free field utility-scale PV power plants and large scale rooftop PV installations. more >>>


Operation & Maintenance

Every day, year by year

Halk Enerji offers comprehensive O&M services.
0&M services include corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance services for varius types of PV power power plants.

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Smart Energy Solutions

Taking further steps into a new frontier

Smart Energy Solutions have a potantial to outperform conventional forms of energy production and change the rules of energy markets.

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PV Portfolio Management

Do you want to buy or sell a PV power plant?

PV Trade. Halk Enerji operates its own assets and sells operational PV power plants as independent entities or within investment packages from time to time.Please check for availability of PV plants in operation.

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Bilecik Söğüt GES

Erzurum GES

Research & Development

PVmap Turkey®

Halk Energy uses PVmap Turkey®.
PVmap Turkey® is a unique geographical information system to identify and
evaluate sites for PV power plant investments.

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Solar Lab Turkey®

Halk Enerji established Solar Lab Turkey® as rooftop systems (300 kWp) in the
year 2011 and as free field systems (800 kWp) in the year 2013.

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Solar tracking systems are capable to increasing energy yield more than 40% and improve production profile of PV power plants through peak shaving during day time.

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