About Us

Halk Enerji is a leading EPC company in the Turkish PV industry in terms of quality and quantity. The success of Halk Enerji is based on in-depth knowledge throughout the value chain of PV projects which covers project development, EPC, O&M, intelligent R&D activities and years of experience with a long reference list.

Halk Enerji has identified four areas around Solar Power Systems for future growth: EPC, O&M, Smart Energy Solutions and PV Portfolio Management.

A professional team of 60 engineers and field experts is responsible for the success of Halk Enerji and always tries to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Vision

The energy profile of the world is changing. Limited resources of oil and gas as well as social and environmental aspects are major drivers for the rise of renewable energy. In Turkey, also high dependencies on energy imports and the overall growing demand for energy accelerate investments in renewable energy. These changes offer various chances and risks for established and new companies in the energy industry.  

Energy production based on solar energy, particularly on photovoltaic (PV) is expected to play a crucial role to satisfy future needs for affordable and clean energy. PV has various advantages. PV is able to outperform conventional energy sources such as coal and gas in costs, especially when the place of production and consumption of electricity is same. PV is scalable, which enables to build small PV home systems and utility-scale PV power plants economically. In this vain, electricity has not to be transported throughout the country and therefore decreases the requirement of expensive infrastructure investments and infrastructure maintenance costs; compared to other renewable energy sources such as wind and hydro, the yearly electricity production of PV is better predictable; furthermore PV does not make noises or has negative impacts on natural resources. PV is socially full accepted and makes you independent. 

Halk Enerji wants to be a driving force when changing the energy profiles of Turkey and other nations.  

Highlights & Milestones

2015: Halk Enerji completes Kıranharman GES, Ankara  (6,2 MW) 

2015: Halk Enerji completes Sivrihisar GES, Eskişehir (5,4 MWp) 

2015: Halk Enerji completes D.T. Tire GES, Izmir  (1,0 MWp) 

2015: Halk Enerji completes Yalnızpinar GES, Şereflikoçhisar, Ankara  (5,3MWp) 

2014: Halk Enerji completes Kadıncık GES, Şereflikoçhisar, Ankara  (3,1 MWp) 

2014: Halk Enerji tenders 1 PV license project in Turkey (4,9 MWe Erzurum) 

2014: Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey TÜBITAK started to support Halk Enerji for fundamental research in the field of electricity storage. 

2013: First public tender project for Tebebaşı Belediyesi (95 KWp) 

2013: German industry giant BOSCH and Halk Enerji agree on exclusive cooperation in the inverter business and O&M support for Turkey  

2013: First free field utility-scale PV project (POLATLI 1,8 MWp). 

2013: Halk Enerji qualifies for certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 

2012-2013: Development of SmartTrack®, a solar tracking system. 

2012: First commercial PV project for Hacettepe Teknokent , Ankara as rooftop, tracking and carport system with an overall capacity of 420 kWp. 

2011-2013: Installation of Solar Lab Turkey® to test various components of a PV power plant. Solar Lab Turkey® is one of the biggest lavatories for PV technology in Europe. 

2011: First connection of a PV power plant to the Turkish grid at Gazi Teknopark, Ankara. 

2009-2011: Development of PVmap Turkey®.  PVmap Turkey is a unique geographical information system to identify and evaluate sites for PV power plant investments. 

Company Information

Halk Enerji Yatırımları Üretim Inşaat Taahhüt Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş.

Beysu Villakent Sitesi, 1920 Cad., 2008 Sok. No. 2  06800 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey  

Phone +90 312 236 1993, Fax +90 312 236 1963  



Tax Number : Doğanbey 456 048 1865  

Shareholder 100% : Teknologis Teknoloji Yönetimi ve Danişmanlik Ltd. Sti., Ankara  Year of Incorporation: 2006 

Chairman : Mustafa Atilla 

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